Returning: The Pier

Season Two of Spanish thriller The Pier begins on Thursday at SBS on Demand.

This screens in Spanish with English subtitles.

All eight episodes available to stream.

When Alejandra (Verónica Sánchez) unveils to Veronica (Irene Arcos) that she is Oscar’s (Álvaro Morte) widow, the confession threatens to shatter their newfound friendship. But they are both in too deep to turn back.

They must find out what part Oscar’s shady dealings played in his death and also how life can go on for themselves. Now that Alejandra understands that Oscar lead the double life he did to tear down his inner walls, she resolves to embark on a similar journey of self- liberation. At the same time, Verónica must painfully ask herself how much she contributed to Oscar’s ordeal.

Together, the two women reach a new level of companionship and sense of family while delving ever further into the mystery behind Oscar’s death.

Thursday, 17 September at SBS on Demand.


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