Travel Guides pushed out to 2021

Aussies can’t travel internationally in 2020 and Nine won’t screen its fourth season of Travel Guides this year either.

Nine sources confirmed it will now air in 2021.

Season 4 was filmed across Europe, the Middle East, USA, Africa, Asia and Australia, with one new couple to replace Indian-born couple Deepesh & Sage.

It was originally due to screen post-Easter but after COVID hit television schedules, it was held back.

It isn’t clear if Nine feels a travel show would be inappropriate right now or that it is in a strong enough position in 25-54s it can forgo it.


  1. A shame we have to wait, it is such a fun light hearted show that gives you a laugh while seeing the world with a good mix of cast too. Will look forward to seeing them next year.

  2. I was thinking about Travel Guides earlier this week, I am missing it but I thought that maybe it was withheld to 2021 because the show is always sponsored by each locations Travel Board and they may not want to ‘advertise’ until the people can actually book their holidays and travel.

    I will say however I am missing the Fren family and cant wait for it to come back in 2021.

  3. …and yet, Getaway continues to screen every Saturday arvo. I think screening travel shows during pandemic lockdown would’ve at least provided vicarious experience that we’ve somehow taken for granted and will be good for mental health, not to mention the levity that this show provides.

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