Bondi Beach becomes Borat Beach

A 6m sculpture of Borat was delivered by helicopter to Bondi today to promote Subsequent Moviefilm.

Amazon Prime Video staged a unique promo at Bondi today ahead of the release of Sacha Baron Cohen’s Borat Subsequent Moviefilm tomorrow.

A Kazakhstani-military helicopter delivered a 6m sculpture of Borat Sagdiyev, clad only in the American flag at Bondi’s Marks Park.

The temporary gift to Australia (24 hours) was joined by Bondi muscle men shared their workout park with moustachioed Borat look-a-likes, who rode up and down the Pavilion on Segways and a socially distanced mankini yoga class on the sand.

Borat himself beamed in, live from Kazakhstan, for a virtual press conference with the Australian media, hosted by Angela Bishop (who interviews him tomorrow on Studio 10).

Borat Sagdiyev said, “Jagshemash, it give me great pleasure to present you with this giant Borat erection at Bondi Beach. This statue was quarantine in a hotel in Melbourne for 14 days; it is free of COVID, but probably have syphilis after four of your security guards make sexytime with it. I have new moviefilm coming out tomorrow, I think you will enjoy it more than Rudolph Giuliani will. Or as you guys call him, Cockadile Dundee, yes?”

The sculpture will remain at Marks Park until 11am on Friday, 23 October.

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