Michael Rowland heading to US for election

Michael Rowland will travel to the United States to cover the US Presidential Election coverage for News Breakfast.

Paul Kennedy and David Speers will share hosting duties with Lisa Millar during this time.

The US election is Tuesday November 3rd (Wednesday 4th Nov. AU).


  1. This has totally left me gobsmacked. Who made this irresponsible and, frankly, stupid decision? It really does beggar belief that our national broadcaster could do this. Of the commercial channels, yes, it is the sort of audience grasping sensationalistic thing they would do but surely not the ABC.
    While I realise it will not make one iota of difference, I shall boycott any of the ABC’s coverage of the American election as this is has shocked, saddened and totally left me flabbergasted.
    Not one person I have chatted to about this has initially believed me. Then, once I have shown them the tweets and TVTonight coverage to prove I am not pulling their leg they have been as surprised and shocked as me.
    I put an open question to Gavin Morris and David Anderson; What is the justification of sending Michael Rowland to the United States to cover their election when they are in the middle…

  2. This seems like overkill to me in the current health climate there. The ABC already have David Lipson and Phil Williams there to cover proceedings.

  3. A good chance he’ll be stranded there and require commando extraction via chopper-it may sound extreme but nothing is impossible now in the US…

  4. Why? What is the Australian angle on the US presidential election? The US has relinquished it position on the global stage in recent years (3 years, 9 months to be precise) so I don’t understand. Not a great use of tax payers funding given he will have to quarantine when he returns

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