Screen Well webinars for industry

Four mental wellbeing webinars will be held for industry inNovember.

Today, on World Mental Health Day, Film Art Media (The Show Must Go On) announce the first initiative of its kind to focus on improving the wellbeing of screen practitioners.

Funded through Screen Australia’s Industry Partnerships program, the four free webinars will have a different focus to address: Teams (Crew members), Creators (Writers, Directors, Designers, Editors, Producers), Performers (Actors, Agents/Managers, Casting Directors), and Leaders (Heads of Departments).

Speakers will include creative business advisor Monica Davidson, Tracy Margieson program manager of the Arts Wellbeing Collective, and renowned psychologist / author Dr Julie Crabtree, among others.

Filmmaker and Screen Well creator Ben Steel said: “The music and live performance industries are very proactive in the wellbeing space, providing many customised resources, events, and support through entries such as Support Act and the Arts Wellbeing Collective – the screen industry is sadly lagging very far behind, but I’m hopeful that these webinars will be the catalyst to help change that.”

Psychologist and author Dr Julie Crabtree said: “Coronavirus has brought profound awareness to underlying challenges many in the screen industry have faced for a very long time, such as; isolation, uncertainty, financial and mental health stress. This moment in time has created an appetite for understanding, self-growth, and meaningful change which I’m excited to help facilitate in these wellbeing webinars.”

“The mental health of our screen workforce has never received as much attention as is needed, and it’s time to change this. The emotional and psychological impact of the coronavirus shut down on our screen sector workers has served to highlight this, and it is vital that this is addressed as productions start up again. Great work has been done creating guidelines and protocols that look at the physical health concerns of our cast and crew reentering workplaces, and we now need equal consideration and support to help strengthen their mental wellbeing,” said Jason Burrows, Jungle Entertainment CEO.

“COVID adds another layer of stress to a performers already anxiety-ridden world and we welcome the individually addressed series of programs that Ben will offer,” said Mary Cotter, Equity Foundation Director.

“Heads of department often feel ill-equipped to provide this kind of support. There is not only an urgent need for customised training, but a strong desire,” said Kelly Wood, MEAA crew branch Director.

Since June, filmmaker and mental health advocate Ben Steel has been collaborating with screen guilds, unions, and interests groups to identify core wellbeing issues facing the sector, as well as working alongside mental health professionals to design the four wellbeing webinars titled Crew Well, Create Well, Perform Well and Lead Well. It builds on the highly successful Wellness Roadshow designed in collaboration with Film Art Media and Impact Producer, Diana Fisk which has rolled out nationally since the release of The Show Must Go On documentary.

Long before coronavirus hit our shores, mental health challenges within the screen sector were more severe than the general population. In the wake of COVID-19, now more than ever screen industry workers are in need of support to strengthen their wellbeing.

Reservations to Free sessions:

Crew Well session

Create Well session

Perform Well session

Lead Well session

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