Airdate: The Royals Revealed

New 8 part documentary The Royals Revealed, co-commissioned by 10 and Channel 5, begins next week.

The series will take viewers on a journey through all aspects of the British monarchy, past and present.

“The British Monarchy is an endlessly fascinating subject, evidenced by the success we’ve had so far on Channel 5 with our other royal strands. Being able to provide a fresh angle on some of the best-known royal events and sagas is something we know will appeal to our audience,” Cherry Yeandle, Senior Manager, Acquisitions & Co-Productions, Channel 5 said.

It begins with “Diana, Camilla & The Crown” and the following week is “Royal Weddings – Then & Now.”

Each episode will focus on some of the most influential Royal family members and unpick their personal stories using these as the entry point to the big issues at the heart of the monarchy. The series will examine the tension between love and duty, the changing face of the monarchy, the biggest players, and the private side of the family.

So just what are they like behind their public image? What drives them, what are their personal passions, their pet hates, and how do they deal with their role as part of the most famous family on the planet?  And crucially, what part did they play in various dramas that rocked the family to its very core? 

The premiere episode will focus on Camilla Parker Bowles and Lady Diana Spencer who both fell for Prince Charles. With their lives interwoven throughout two tumultuous decades, this episode will reveal how both women went on to blow the monarchy wide open and uncover the truth behind one of history’s greatest ever love triangles.

7:30pm Wednesday December 2 on 10.


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