Doco viewing up in 2020

iwonder reports doco viewing lifts 135% during the pandemic, and in Melbourne at 162%.

Documentary streaming platform iwonder has reported a lift in viewing in 2020 of 135% since the start of the pandemic, and in Melbourne at 162%.

It also reports the 5 most popular doco genres:

1. Crime 35% (+11% from 2019)
2. Culture 19% (+10% from 2019)
3. Society 16% (+3% from 2019)
4. Health & Wellness 8% (+3% from 2019)
5. Politics 7% (no change from 2019)

There were also trends reported for 4 cities:

Sydney: biographies 12% of all content viewed
Melbourne: nature content with 9%
Brisbane: gender issues 13%.
Perth: Environment and Adventure

iwonder Head of Insights, Mark Bridges, says: “Faced with few options for travel, exploration and discovery in 2020, Australians still showed a remarkable desire to learn more about events and issues that continued to shape the world around them.

As we each focused on personal wellbeing and the resilience of communities and societies in Australia and around the world in 2020, it’s fascinating to see this trend mirrored in the entry of Society and Health & Wellness documentaries into this year’s Top Five list, displacing 2019’s stronger preference for Environment and Adventure programming.

“With vaccines paving the way for the conquest of COVID-19 in 2021, it’s going to be interesting once again to see how the nation’s viewing habits and demand for documentaries reconfigures to reflect a return to life as we once knew it.”

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