Airdate: Searching For Cleopatra

History documentary special Searching For Cleopatra will screen on SBS this Sunday.

This UK doco follows Dr. Kathleen Martinez who discovers two ancient mummies. Spoiler alert?

Cleopatra, the last queen of Egypt, is an icon of popular culture, but who is the real woman behind the myth? In Searching for Cleopatra, we seek out the latest ground-breaking archaeology and research to unravel the mystery of the elusive Egyptian queen. We discover that Cleopatra was more than the romantic narrative that has surrounded her to this day – she was in fact a learned scholar and mathematician.

At Taposiris Magna in Egypt, archaeologist Dr. Kathleen Martinez is searching for the tomb of the country’s most famous pharaoh; using painstaking archaeology and cutting-edge technology. Dr. Martinez makes unique and rare discoveries, that include the astonishing find of a tomb containing two mummies, decorated in gold leaf, undisturbed for 2,000 years. Coupled with the search for her final resting place, we retrace Cleopatra’s life and revolutionise our understanding of who she was and how she lived.

Sunday, 28 February at 7.30pm on SBS.


  1. Martinez has made several documentaries claiming to have found the tomb since 2008. It makes more sense that Blood and Treasure where the tomb was inside a Pyramid built over 4000 years before she died.

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