Dancing wth the Stars: All Stars: promo

Seven has released its first promo for Dancing With The Stars: All Stars ‘reimagined’
as a two week event series this year on Seven.

To be filmed in Sydney in March it will feature “fan favourites, flashbacks and spectacular surprises.”

Seven’s Network Programming Director, Angus Ross, said: “Dancing With The Stars is one of the most successful television formats in the world. It was a massive hit for us across 15 seasons and we are delighted to welcome it home.”

He recently told TV Tonight,“It’s not going to be Live, it will be a multi-night format. We’re trying to reinvigorate the format in this market, with a different style of roll-out and a real nostalgia. If you look back to those past winners past and high achievers, they are now at least 10 years on. There’ll be a level of interest as to how people have changed, who was the best …and we’re also going to add a few wildcards into the program as well.”

And on the question of hosts?

“It’d be great to get the old gang back together….” he teased.

Some of the most popular and entertaining stars from the iconic series are heading back to the ballroom, ready for their second shot at the coveted mirror ball trophy.

Get set for sequins, sambas, spins and swirls. Will your favourite star sashay the night away or crash and burn?

Find out when the cast for Dancing With The Stars: All Stars is announced soon.


  1. Another person with the 10’s version was better take

    My vauge memories of 7’s version was “this is too fuddy-duddy – like it’s a ballroom competition with stars”. When I watched 10’s seasons, I felt that it was more current – yes ballroom dancing was the main point, but the studio seamed more modern & the dance selection was a little more varied.

    I’m not a huge fan of DWTS … but if I’m picking a version, give me 10’s.

  2. Does calling it “All Stars” open them up to class action lawsuits, as an admission that previous seasons only had “some stars”? Will ASIC get involved, do you think?

  3. I think Ten did a good job of modernising it. Honestly, I have less faith in Seven, especially if he’s alluding to getting not just old contestants but also Daryl Somers and the “old gang” back together.

    • I’m always surprised that people say they saw some kind of marked difference between 7 and 10’s version. I thought part of the reason it flopped on ten was because they made little attempt to modernise it. To me it seemed like the exact show that 7 axed after 15 seasons, and having Grant as host made it feel even more stale. that said, the set with the second tier audience was good while they were allowed to use it.

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