Gordon Ramsay, game show host….

He’s a chef, no wait …he’s a game show host…

UK viewers this week got their first look at Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance, a game show in which contestants answering questions from different categories in an attempt to win £100,000.

They also have to place different-sized stacks of gold bars on a balancing board. Not sure why. Just because?

Ramsay promised not to cook and not to swear (doesn’t look like it). It follows from Jeremy Clarkson recently hosting Who Wants to be A Millionaire to some success.

But viewers were a tad bamboozled by the concept. Some likened the set to the inside of the Tardis. Others thought confusing rules, likening it to Bamboozled, the gameshow Joey Tribbiani tried out on Chandler and Ross in Friends.

No plans to screen it in Australia. Be grateful.

Source: Digital Spy


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