Grey’s Anatomy switches from Seven to Star

Exclusive: Seven no longer holds episode rights in Australia, with Disney streamer to screen new season.

EXCLUSIVE: There’s good news for Grey’s Anatomy fans, frustrated by weeks of waiting for new episodes.

But viewers will need to subscribe to Star on Disney+ to see them.

Seven no longer holds any rights for the show in the Australian market. It’s a major shift for fans after 17 years on Free to Air.

Emma Barnes, Director, Corporate Communications The Walt Disney Company Australia & New Zealand tells TV Tonight, “Series 16 of Greys Anatomy will appear on Star on Disney+ from February 23. The first episode of series 17 will be available February 26 with new episodes premiering weekly.”

When approached for comment Seven Director of Programming Angus Ross confirmed Seven no longer has the rights to Grey’s Anatomy in the Australian market.

Star will launch with hundreds of seasons from 155 TV series, almost 450 movies and a slate of 4 exclusive Star Originals at launch for $11.99 per month ($119.99 per year). Current subscribers will see pricing of $8.99 honoured for a six month period (you can also lock in this rate for six months until Feb. 22*).

* Full details on how to subscribe will be available on disneyplus.com.

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  1. I access Disney+ with an Amazon Firestick. It’s been buffering for about 2 weeks. All other streaming services work perfectly. So no more Grey’s Anatomy for me as Disney + will not be renewed in our house.

        1. Respectfully, if this was a Disney issue then it would be bigger than just your household. If you are having issues across multiple devices then it’s probably an issue with your ISP and/or internet router. You could do several things to narrow down the root cause, such as connecting your devices to a different internet connection (eg at a friend’s house) and seeing if they work there. I would contact your ISP for help on this one though.

  2. As a viewer for 16 years and have followed the appalling treatment 7 has inflicted in programming, fast tracking, not fast tracking. Airing double and triple episodes late at night and moving all over the place. At least a streaming service can provide access at any given time once available.
    Having said that, I have not paid for television viewing thus far, so for me the show ends at season 16. I doubt it will be released on DVD (As no one seems to buy them either).

  3. This sucks 🙁 Sure some will be pleased but now it means we have to pay to see it. Not everyone has a luxury to pay in tough times. Why would Seven do this? They could’ve easily showed it on 7Flix. They actually gave up the show for this to happen because just a few weeks ago I saw a promo for the new season coming soon. What changed? Also whats next? The Good Doctor? Made by the same company. I wonder if Station 19 will follow suit after being shafted to late night tv.

    1. I was once a Grey’s Anatomy devotee, but in my honest estimation believe it passed its prime many years ago. Seven should have discarded this show a long time ago. And The Good Doctor isn’t made by Disney. It is made by Sony Television.

    2. “They actually gave up the show for this to happen because just a few weeks ago I saw a promo for the new season coming soon. What changed?”

      My money’s on Warburton still taking every little opportunity to cut costs

  4. After 7s treatment of the show in recent years I am sure many people will be pleased. Sometimes paying for content is worth it when your favourite shows are treated so poorly on FTA. My biggest gripe in recent weeks is binging Station 19 and seeing how many episodes cross over or where the patients are ‘rescued’ in Station 19 and Greys ‘does the surgery’. All these links are falling into place…but out of context as I try to recall past Greys eps.

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