Patrick Delany: “We’ll be very aggressive”

Conceding the pandemic made Foxtel restructure its operations, Foxtel boss says transformation will continue.

Foxtel will continue its company transformation and market its products aggressively in 2021.

Speaking at yesterday’s Screen Forever conference, CEO Patrick Delany explained COVID had led to huge staff reductions but also an overhaul of how the company operates.

“It’s sort of an unkind way to put it, but COVID has helped us achieve efficiency on the back of house. A key part of the Foxtel group strategy is to have one set of Infrastructure, one set of Content and then dish it up into different Australian consumer segments,” he said.

But he also flagged that Kayo and Binge had been strong performers for the Foxtel Group.

Describing the recent strategy he said, “Year 1 was basically setting ourselves up, Year 2 was the launch of Kayo & Binge and Year 3 is, I think, real acceleration in that digital path. We’ll be very aggressive in the way in which we market and push Kayo & Binge this year.

“All of the the advantage that we took and the changes we made to our back of house -the third part of our strategy- doesn’t stop. Although we had a huge year of transformation that will continue this year. That is, new ways of working, making sure that we’re highly efficient and it’s certainly something that came out in COVID, one of the lessons that we learnt.

“We’ll stick with our strategy, but we will really accelerate and be aggressive in digital expansion.”

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