Nine in talks with WIN, as affiliate deals expire in July.

Could Nine be ready to switch regional affiliates again? Will 10 be heading back to Southern Cross?

That may be on the cards with a report that Nine’s exclusive period to talk with Southern Cross Media Group expired on Sunday -with no deal in place.

This leaves the broadcaster open to discuss with Bruce Gordon-owned WIN Television.

Nine parted company with WIN in 2016 for Southern Cross ending a 28 year partnership, while 10 paired with WIN (Seven remains with Prime7).

WIN Corp is also Nine’s biggest shareholder with a 14.9% stake. Outgoing CEO Hugh Marks told The Sydney Morning Herald and The Age, “We’re clearly advanced in understanding the proposal that they’ve made.

“Post-that we will engage with both Southern Cross and WIN Corp to understand what the final proposals will be so I imagine we’ll be making a decision in March on what our new affiliate will be going forward. The benefit will be reasonably significant to the business under each of those scenarios.

“We would be silly not to explore all the options in the market.”

Southern Cross chief executive Grant Blackley indicated at the company’s results last week that it is looking to renew its deal with Nine.

Current affiliate deals expire on July 1st.


  1. … what would WIN do with the news at 6pm in the dozen or so markets they have a news? Thinking that 9 would want their news still shown nationally at 6pm, that why they shoved the SCA “local” news to 530.

  2. The Last Post

    “We’re clearly advanced in understanding the proposal that they’ve made.” – Mr Marks.
    I wonder if Mr Gordon is in the process of doing what Mr Stokes has championed – some kind of takeover by stealth?
    Maybe Bruce’s pockets are so deep he doesn’t mind tossing away good money after bad.
    He must have lost billions on Oz TV over the past two decades.

  3. I don’t like the sound of this…..Dejavu all over again. I am in Mildura, another forgotten TV wasteland. WIN is now delivered by a consortium of players from Mildura Digital who have interests in the other networks….It is a bit complicated and I don’t know much about it other than we were at risk of losing Channel 10 programming before it changed over to WIN. We lost 9HD in the move. Times have changed since then and the belts are tighter. Mildura missed aggregation back in the day and we only go Prime in about 1997.

  4. TasTVcameraman

    Here we go again, in Tasmania we don’t get 7flix, 10shake,and the other 9 channel. We are treated like a poor relation, and the Nine news in TAS is pitiful, at least WIN and Southern Cross (Seven Tasmania) have a local news even if the WIN news is read from afar with mis pronounced place names a common fault. The Seven Tasmania news is probably the most popular. I very rarely watch much FTA TV now as I have my Prime and Acorn plus Netflix

    • Columbo, Kojak, Spyforce on Sat. night (on Peach), Headline News 6-8:30am M-F, The News is cut at 6pm for local news in some markets. A clean outro by the newsreader obviously prerecorded. And as David said, Sky News 24/7 on channel 83. “WIN’s All-Australian News” is a one-hour compile of regional news items aired several times daily. 12pm, 1pm, 11pm.

  5. TheMighty_SC

    I was in Esperance in late Jan watching a bit of IAC & noticed a big blue WIN watermark on my screen. The watermark annoys me and they need to get rid of it.
    Should this come into fruition, this will mean WIN has 9 affiliation & SCA having 10 affiliation. I can see that NRN will regain SCA affiliation in North NSW. What happens for 9 West, which is under Prime+WIN JV?

    • “I can see that NRN will regain SCA affiliation in North NSW”. NRN is owned by WIN and has always had TEN affiliation – since NBN is owned & operated by Nine.

  6. Hope this happens as i for years Win and Nine were liked. I was so hard wired to that duo that even now i have to think twice who is who when i switch to Win.

  7. NEC will go with the highest bidder, more so now with how tight dollars are in TV land. With WIN stuck with 10 affiliation for NRN if the rest of WIN switches back, very much doubt SCA will want NRN back, and more the case Gordon would not sell anyway.
    NEC surely would rather national exposure for the NINE brand which at the moment is only partly covered up for Imparja by WIN contolled Media Hub.
    Wonder if WIN News would cease and WIN takes NINE produced regional news bulletins as SCA currently does?
    It will all come down to dollars in the end and not what is right for the viewers.
    SCA should have changed their 5 LCNs to 9 LCNs while the had the opportunity if NEC would have allowed it?

  8. This has been the worst kept secret around Fort Drummond (location of WIN hq at Wollongong) for quite some time. Bruce Gordon has been spending an extended time in Sydney, citing “COVID” and at the same time receiving an exemption from the ATO re his residency/tax status for his 6-months+ stay. The so-called Nine Regional News being broadcast at 5:30 now as “local” news is a farce. 10 coming #4 on a Sunday night again is not helping WIN Sales, nor the frequent ‘encore’s of ‘repeat’s in primetime.

  9. The Last Post

    SCA won’t let the affiation deal with Nine slip through their fingers… why, they’d have to evict NBN news and sales teams from their Gosford set-up!

    • NBN is not a Nine affiliate, it’s an O&O station. No changes in northern NSW whatever changes are made elsewhere.

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