Psst. Wanna buy Schitt’s Creek motel?

For a spare $2m you can buy the 'Rosebud Motel' in Ontario.

The motel exterior used in Schitt’s Creek is up for sale, with a pricetag of $1.6 million US ($AU2.09m).

The real building is actually named the Hockley Motel, located in Mono, Ontario, about 80km northwest of downtown Toronto.

Before its sitcom success the site was used as housing for Canadian basketball recruits, but Schitt’s Creek, changed all that.

Deadline reports the motel has six units, each with a bedroom and bathroom on 400 sq.m. It also has a two-storey manager’s suite that has three bedrooms and one bath. There is also a a 65 sq. m. detached guest cottage and barn with space for three horses. Or Mutt’s Barn?

Current owner Jesse Tipping said he would welcome the next owner making the place into a Schitt’s Creek-themed motel. I’d bet money on that happening.

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