Update: The Equalizer, Mega Zoo, Murder for Hire.

Shows switch to 9GEM in Melbourne; US drama to screen later in all cities.

US drama The Equalizer is moving from 8:30 Thursday to 9:30pm this week, but it also switches channels in some cities.

Episode 4 will screen at 9:30pm on Nine in Adelaide and Perth but in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane it will screen on 9GEM.

This is due to NRL Storm v Rabbitohs from 7:30pm (7pm Brissy)…. Nine Melbourne is taking the game this week.

Meanwhile Mega Zoo also moves to 9GEM in Melbourne, but remains on Nine for Adelaide & Perth at 7:30pm  followed by a repeat of Emergency at 8:30pm.

Murder for Hire is out.

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  1. I’m gathering there’ll be at least a three week break between eps of The Equaliser – ep 4 screens here tomorrow night while ep 5 won’t be seen in the USA until March 28. Unless Nine’s done a deal where we get to see that ep – “The Milk Run” – before American viewers.
    Nine was loud to trumpet “more than 20 million viewers watched the first episode”. What they didn’t mention was only 8.20 million returned for the second episode and viewer numbers have continued to drop.
    After three eps, we’re starting to lose interest as well.

    1. Nine will not air it before the US. Nine always intenteded to air the pilot behind MAFS and move it to Gem/Now once the ARL started. Poor ratings just mean it been moved from the 8:30pm it was listed on Monday to 9:30pm.

      There has been a lot of critism of the show and there are problems with the writing and direction as it tries to cram everything in jumping around between a barely servicable main plot about the victim, and subplots with Robin’s family, side kicks, and intelligence work, and a detective who is intersted in her activities. Of course we have seen it all before in the orignal Equalizer, Person of Interest and Taken. Adam Goldberg is playing a much more boring version of his super-hacker from Taken, who seems to hate his over-optimistic, over-happy and superflous wife as much as I do.

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