Invisible Wars: April 12

This week on Invisible Wars, “Creatures of Contagion” tells the compelling stories of scientists, doctors and public health experts who fight the deadly viruses that cross-over from animals to humans.

In late 2019, near Wuhan, China, a novel coronavirus jumped from an animal to humans. This event would spark the most disastrous pandemic in 100 years. Creatures of Contagion is an illuminating science documentary that shines a light on the close connection between animal and human health.

This one-hour episode takes a closer look at “spill-over” events, revealing that seventy-five per cent of new diseases are zoonotic, meaning they originate in animals. Many of these viruses include the deadliest microbes that have ever attacked humanity.

Creatures of Contagion tells the stories of scientists, doctors and public health experts as they’ve fought back against these deadly enemies by inventing miracle treatments and devising radical solutions that have saved millions. This emotionally gripping episode features scientists and doctors working at the frontlines to combat Zoonotic viruses such as Ebola, HIV, Dengue and Zika.

Associate Professor Kamalini Lokuge paints a vivid picture of what it was like fighting Ebola in the 2014 West African Outbreak. She describes her work as a contact tracer, facing a virus that has the power to kill 90% of those it infects.

Dr. Davey Smith, reveals what it was like as a gay-doctor in San Diego in the 90s treating patients infected with HIV. He describes the emotional experience of finally having access to ‘miracle’ drugs to treat his patients who he says “were just like me”.

Finally, Professor Scott O’Neill explains how his ingenious disease-fighting mosquitoes are drastically reducing the destructive Dengue and Zika viruses around the world.

9:30pm Monday on ABC.

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