The Living Room: April 16

This week The Living Room hosts are colour crazy as they help a family of 8.

We meet Dan and Emma Charlesworth, who love the colour blue so much, they’ve decorated their whole house with it, inside and out. Their cars, Emma’s hair, even their dinnerware is blue – with one glaring exception – the old and rundown bathroom! With six kids in their blended family all jostling for space, Barry’s got his work cut out for him.

While Baz gets to work on a brand-new loo in just the right shade of blue, Amanda gets her hands dirty with a fingerpainting class. Chris makes a splash in the Coral Seal, with a world-first scientific breakthrough on iconic Heron Island that might just see the Great Barrier Reef reborn in all its colourful glory. Miguel hunts out a palette of colourful veggies at the farmers market and slices and dices his way to an outrageous Moroccan inspired Rainbow Salad – Ensalada Arcoiris Marroqui!

Barry shows us how to DIY a wall niche, before the unveiling one of his most extraordinary bathroom renovations ever!

7:30pm Friday on 10.


  1. thedirtydigger

    Unfortunately TEN’s disasterous re-working of a formerly successful format has wrecked The Living Room.
    I read an article recently with the Ten execs crowing how happy they are with their “work”, whatever they call it anyway.
    Guys, take a cold shower and look at the ratings every Saturday morning.
    250,000 viewers ? The ratings don’t lie, and the audience has simply voted with their remotes. The show is muddled and confused and unfocused – and all the crap “themes” you are trying just make the show’s utter failure more glaring.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I am sort of getting use to this….but I live in hope it might go back to the old concept one day…
    And blue…my least favorite color 😞

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