Travel Guides leads to Nine win

Ratings: Dusted off episodes shot before the pandemic topped entertainment, as the nation itches to travel.

Sometimes TV is all about timing.

Australia must really be itching to travel once more. Dusted off episodes of Travel Guides, shot in Greece before the pandemic, managed to top entertainment viewing and all three demos at 712,000 metro viewers last night.

That was ahead of Hard Quiz (623,000), 7:30 (580,000), Big Brother (558,000) and MasterChef Australia (535,000).

Later The Weekly with Charlie Pickering led with 544,000 then Doctor Doctor (407,000), You Can’t Ask That (383,000) and Bull (246,000 / 175,000).

Nine network won Wednesday -just- with 27.4% then Seven 27.0%, 10 19.8%, ABC 17.9% and SBS 7.9%.

Nine News (939,000 / 890,000) was best for Nine. A Current Affair won its slot at 681,000 then Hot Seat (466,000 / 274,000). Footy Classified was 143,000 in 3 cities and New Amsterdam 92,000 in 2 cities.

Seven News was #1 at 987,000 / 970,000 for Seven. Home & Away drew 620,000 then The Chase (531,000 / 342,000). Reckoning debuted to 206,000.

The Project pulled 415,000 / 271,000 for 10. 10 News First was 332,000 / 229,000.

ABC News was 665,000 for ABC. Qi (207,000) The Drum (178,000) and The Set (80,000) followed.

On SBS it was Building the Channel Tunnel (187,000), SBS World News (180,000 / 150,000), History of Britain (162,000), Mastermind (92,000) and Deadwater Fell (83,000).

NCIS led multichannels at 169,000.

Sunrise: 244,000
Today: 212,000
News Breakfast: 115,000 / 69,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 28 April 2021

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  1. At least, Chnnl 10 is Encoring “The Dog House” on Peach. When they decided to be HD only, the Vast majority of us weren’t going run out & land fill our 5 year old TVs!. Pity they Stoped Encoring Googlebox – the Biggest Ratings Winner.
    You do have to Wonder at Channel 10s “Thinking” ! Viewers = Ratings = Advertising $$$$

  2. Was so good to have them back (travel guides), was a great laugh as always too, nice to see some foreign travel on the screen too even if we can’t physically go there at the moment.

  3. May be the MasterChef ratings numbers last year were a one off ?? New judges plus past contestants would have been a reason for good numbers. Sad because it is a great format. The best of all the reality shows but it is an ageing format nothing last forever.

  4. Loved Travel Guides, it was like a historical documentary, even the advertorial Soot opening scene made me smile. International Airports with people in them….who would have thought we would see that again.

    1. I thought last nights MasterChef was only an hour 10 minutes, the shortest yet, I was surprised as I watched it later on record, not sure how much shorter they would be willing to make it, maybe 60 minutes minimum length before ‘have you been paying attention’ when that returns?

  5. Once again low numbers for MasterChef. The episodes are too long which makes them boring. The beaming in of celebrity chefs doesn’t really work without their interaction with the contestants.

    1. I have to say I totally agree. I love watching the contestants cook, that’s always a win for me but the chefs being ‘beamed in’ is snore. Plus, adverts every 5minutes is way too much especially when the whole show is an advert for every item used. Channel 10 are amazing at strangling the golden goose.

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