“What’s in it for the 4 Year Olds?”

Producers of Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds were keen to make sure Season 2 of the social experiment offered value for more than just its senior cast members.

“What stands out a little bit more in this series is: What’s in it for the 4 year olds? We were much more aware after series one,” executive producer Debbie Cuell tells TV Tonight.

“We found 4 year olds where there was that opportunity to really get something out of it. There’s lots of 4 year olds that don’t have grandparents living in Australia, or they might have not have the extended family support that you do with grandparents.

“The thing that blew me away is on day one, when the adults walk in, the children just pick someone. Little Arthur picked Rita. I just think that’s astounding that they just that they find someone and think, ‘That’s who I’m going to be with.’ Never do we say ‘Go and sit with Rita.’

“Maximilian, the young Asian boy, is just unbelievable. He’s just an incredible four year old. The depth of his knowledge and emotional intelligence will just blow you way.”

Old People’s Home for 4 Year Olds continues 8:30pm Tuesdays on ABC.

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  1. Bruce Banner

    I also loved how the kids just gravitate to whichever elder they felt comfortable with, with no judgement or bias. I’m sure parts are edited if some kids don’t gel right away with an elder, but the quick bonds they make are great to watch.

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