Nurses factual in production for Seven

ITV Studios Australia series will look at hospital life through the eyes of nurses from theatre, to maternity & organ transplant.

A new factual medical series Nurses is underway for Seven.

The series is co-commissioned by Seven and UKTV in Britain.

It will focus on hospital life through the nurses’ eyes—from A&E incidents to operations in theatre, deliveries in maternity wards and the race against time of the organ transplant team.

David Mott, CEO and managing director for producer ITV Studios Australia, said, “With extraordinary access, production is now well underway and we are thrilled Seven and UKTV have partnered with us to bring these incredible stories to life. Stories with heart, warmth and emotion, told through the daily lives of these brave frontline nurses.”

In the UK the show will screen as Nurses Down Under (which sounds like a Carry On movie to me!).

ITV Studios Australia has previously produced Keeping Australia Alive for ABC.

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  1. Hmmm… this sounds like a complete rip-off of Emergency by Seven!

    I agree with patw9933. Australia really needs a hospital scripted drama or a police procedural in 2022!

  2. So many medical factuals, I hope one day they announce a hospital scripted drama. I know about RFDS but would love another one based in a hospital. Too many factuals.

  3. Do Seven still have a factual executive? Used to be Dan Meenan and then Lyndal Marks (who was under him as an EP for some time) when they churned out a lot of top-rating factuals. But the last few years they’ve axed a lot of them.

  4. Coming Soon, Janitor, the observational documentary sharing the amazing janitors in our public schools, and their trials and tribulations as they navigate recess, food fights, vomit piles, in the ultimate search for love. From the producers of Part Time Posties, and the award winning Celebrity Pond Cleaners.

    Can’t wait!

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