The Ellen DeGeneres Show to end in 2022

"It’s just not a challenge anymore,” says renowned US talk show host.

Ellen DeGeneres will end her syndicated talk show The Ellen DeGeneres Show with her upcoming 19th season.

It will wrap in 2022.

The decision, said to have been several years in the making, was imparted to staff on May 11th, will be discussed with guest and friend Oprah Winfrey on Ellen’s May 13th show.

“When you’re a creative person, you constantly need to be challenged – and as great as this show is, and as fun as it is, it’s just not a challenge anymore,” DeGeneres told The Hollywood Reporter.

DeGeneres originally planned to conclude with her 16th season.

“That was going to be my last season and they wanted to sign for four more years and I said I’d sign for maybe for one,” she explains. In the end she signed for 3.

But headlines swirled around allegations of a toxic workplace, prompting an internal investigation and dismissal of key executives. She opened season 18 with a lengthy apology, telling viewers, “I learned that things happen here that never should have happened. I take that very seriously. And I want to say I am so sorry to the people who were affected.” But viewership waned meaning she never recovered from the artillery.

DeGeneres will remain a part of the Warner Bros. family, having built a sprawling portfolio of unscripted shows, including The Masked Dancer, Ellen’s Game of Games and Ellen’s Next Great Designer.

DeGeneres is coy about her next chapter, she is hopeful a juicy acting role and more time for her conservation efforts.

The show screens in Australia on Nine and FOX Arena.

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    1. It all sounds very self serving and a bit like a stop gap for the next Ellen installment doesn’t it, possibly bankrolled by Oprah Winfrey.
      These type of light entertainment shows have a lot of syndicated vested interest involved, episodes will be seen for many decades ahead especially on the multitude of channels available in the USA.

  1. Why do I get the impression this is a bunch of well paid PR people trying to spin “Oops, I have been caught and now that I don’t have sponsors to fuel my show; I’m out.”

  2. I only ever watch the better clips of U.S. daytime shows on you tube. There is so much cringe worthy garbage in them with a few bright spots. They all end eventually and are never really missed. 19 years is a great run, you never know Ellen might just want to retire and enjoy life away from the spot light

  3. Ellen’s had a great run on this show, however Covid really changed a few things. Seeing her shows from home and even Nine resting them… It never came back to the full fun and energy – although that said, it would be challenging with a large stage and little audience members. Good luck in what ever she chooses to do next.

  4. It’s a shame. I’ll miss it. Even though the last few seasons haven’t been the same but I’ll miss the games, her scaring people, the staff segments. I still love her scaring Taylor Swift in the bathroom and the Sarah Paulson scares. She hasn’t been the full time host for a long while anyway, twitch, Mario Lopez etc has done it lots of times. Guess it’s got to end at some point.

  5. She should have left at the end of season 16 as she stated , but money arrogance on both parties made the decision , she could have even gone this year whats the difference.

  6. “it’s just not a challenge anymore” – I would have thought that doing a show with record low ratings whilst having record high reputational damage would be the most challenging time of all…

  7. Strange reason given for ending the show. Makes it sound like she’s so bored of it she can’t even be bothered turning up for work anymore.

    PR can usually spin this far better like “wants to end on her terms to focus on her charity work and spend more time with her family” etc

  8. What a spineless “admission”. Nice work, PR.

    Even the blind could see the writing on the wall. I’m sure her staff have found the show to be abundantly “challenging”.

    She has been given chance after chance to right her wrongs over the years while others have been “cancelled” for so, so much less.

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