183 million viewers watched Eurovision 2021

Still the world’s biggest live music event.

The Eurovision Song Contest remains the world’s biggest live music event, seen by 183 million viewers across 36 markets.

The Grand Final achieved, on average, a 4 percentage point higher TV audience share than the last Contest in 2019 of 40.5%. That is more than double the average primetime viewing share for the same group of channels (19.4%).

The Contest was a massive hit with young audiences. The viewing share of the Grand Final among 15–24-year-olds was up 7 percentage points on 2019. 52.8% of that age group watching TV at that time tuned in, which is 4 times higher than the broadcast channels average (14.5%).

Online, during the week of the Contest, 50.6 million unique viewers across 234 countries watched on the official YouTube channel, up 28% on 2019. 18–34-year-olds made up 71% of those who viewed live content.

The same week official social media accounts generated 14 million engagement actions on posts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok). The new TikTok channel also generated 4.3 million engagement actions.

Content on the official Facebook page reached 21 million people with a further 8 million people reached on Instagram where posts were seen 170 million times. Nearly 5 million tweets about the Contest were sent on the night of the Grand Final with almost 80 million total views on Twitter for videos related to Eurovision during the week of the event.

An average of 4.3 million viewers watched in Italy, with 5.4 million viewers in the Netherlands. France drew 5.5 million viewers, 7.4 million in the United Kingdom while Germany continues to deliver the largest audience of all markets with 7.8 million viewers.

Martin Österdahl, Executive Supervisor said: “We’re thrilled to see that audiences welcomed back the Eurovision Song Contest in such huge numbers and very proud to have brought millions together at a time when so many are still apart. The overwhelmingly positive response to this year’s incredible shows from NPO, NOS and AVROTROS, and the huge success of Måneskin and so many of this year’s songs demonstrates that, even in its 65th year, the Eurovision Song Contest’s impact is bigger than ever.”

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