7Plus: Supercars 101

Mark Larkham hosts a new show that demystifies the technical side of Supercars.

7Plus will launch Supercars 101, a new digital show that demystifies the technical side of Supercars hosted by Mark Larkham.

“If you’re new to the sport or a general sports fan, this series will unravel the jargon and complexity into simple talk because I reckon if you know what really matters about the cars, the people, the places and how we go about our game, you’ll enjoy our sport a whole lot more,” he said.

Supercars 101 really hits my sweet spot and I’m genuinely looking forward to bringing this new series to life – it’s for you.”

Supercars 101 will run on Wednesdays on 7plus and the 7Sport social platforms, with this week’s episode exploring a Supercar’s fundamental features and what separates it from a standard road car. Other upcoming topics  include the all-important driver-engineer partnership, safety and driver equipment, race tyres and the different circuits featured on the Supercars Championship calendar.

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