Is it Amazon, Prime or Amazon Prime Video?

L to R: Tyler Bern, Bruna Papandrea and Hushidar Kharas.

What’s the preferred terminology for Amazon Prime Video?

It’s a question I recently posed to Hushidar Kharas, Head of Prime Video Australia.

“It’s a very good question, but I’m afraid there isn’t a very good answer. Our brand is Prime Video,” he replied.

“We associate it with Amazon because we’re part of Amazon, obviously.

“But we’ve probably not been as clever as we might have been on putting it together. I think there’s definitely room for us to find a way to get customers to understand where where our heritage is, and then shorten that and make it easier.

“But as of now, our brand is Amazon Prime Video.”


  1. Branding is important and costs many millions to establish, Amazon is a highly successful global brand so is obviously needed to attract some status but adding the word ‘prime’ to video is a debatable matter.

  2. I’m currently doing the month trial and have been pleasantly surprised at the content. Shows like Carnival Row are great and $59 a year for 4k is a good price when it includes the other prime benefits.

  3. This is also perhaps not the best photo — A photo of three people holding a piece of glass with white text. The same text colour as the person in the middle and quite similar to the one on the right. Glass, as a material, is also reflective …

  4. “Our brand is Prime Video,” he replied.” or “But as of now, our brand is Amazon Prime Video.”

    Nope – no answer there 🙂

      • I wouldn’t call it “useless”, at least they’re being honest that the naming is a bit inconsistent.

        I think it could have been worded better. Sounds to me like they want to shorten it to just “Prime Video”, but right now it’s still officially “Amazon Prime Video”.

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