Japan considers extending coronavirus measures

Tokyo protests, delegates testing positive, torch relay moved -and less than a month to the Games.

With less than a month to go before the Olympic Games, Japan is considering an extension of its coronavirus prevention measures.

Tokyo and other areas are currently under a “quasi” state of emergency set to be lifted on July 12, but a recent uptick in coronavirus cases has officials concerned.

According to the Mainichi Shimbun daily, the government is considering extending the measures by two to four weeks, a period that would overlap with the Olympics, which open on July 23.

Under the “quasi” state of emergency, spectators at events are capped at 5,000, contrasting with a decision to allow up to 50 percent of the venue capacity or a maximum of 10,000.

Last Wednesday, Tokyo reported 619 new infections — the highest figure in about a month — and confirmed 476 more cases on Tuesday.

The 15-day Olympic torch relay scheduled to take place in the capital has now been moved off public roads for the first 8 days.

Two members of the Ugandan delegation also tested positive after arriving in Japan, as the public continues to express concerns.

Yasuhiro Yamashita, the president of Japan’s Olympic Committee, said it was impossible to completely shut out coronavirus cases upon arrival.

“There is just no way there won’t be cases arriving in Japan, no matter what we do…that’s why it is crucial we make sure to catch cases at the airports and enforce strict border controls,” Yamashita said.

A government meeting on coronavirus measures is set to be held today.

Source: Japan Today

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  1. Its my understanding that if Tokyo cancels, then they need to pay a truckload of money, The Olympic committee needs to be the on to cancel – I feel that they are the ones at fault here.

  2. Personally i think its outrageous that they’ve been pushing for the games to still go ahead, & those thoughts extend to most other international sporting events too. People are unable to go see dying relatives but they want to fly in sports people from all over the world, its just wrong. Ok i know the athletes have been training for it for years so its disappointing for them, but its not going to be cancelled, just post poned again. Meanwhile there are people who’ve spent years building up businesses that have had to close them permanently because of covid.

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