No spectators for Tokyo Olympics

4th State of Emergency leads to empty stadiums in Tokyo.

It’s official.

Organisers of the Tokyo Olympics have agreed not to have any spectators at the the Games after Japan declared its 4th State of Emergency due to the pandemic.

It marks a major blow not just to fans around the world, but to broadcasters which millions in rights for roaring crowds when records are broken. Advertisers have also paid big dollars to be associated with the event that captures the imagination of nations.

Now it could look decidedly soulless without cheering fans.

Representatives from the Games’ organising committee, the Japanese government, the Tokyo Metropolitan government and the International Olympic and Paralympic committees made the decision on Thursday evening.

IOC President Thomas Bach took part in the meeting online after flying into Tokyo and starting a 3-day isolation.

Last month, the five parties capped the number of domestic spectators at 50 percent of a venue’s capacity, or up to 10,000 people, with bans on cheering. But it was always subject to an evolving situation.

A new state of emergency for Tokyo starts on Monday and runs until August 22 (two days before the Paralympics are due).

Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide said, “We must avoid another outbreak starting in Tokyo. With that in mind, we decided to take preemptive measures, and declare a state of emergency for Tokyo once again.

“Holding a safe and secure Games amid the coronavirus pandemic is a good opportunity to show our global unity to overcome the current difficulties together.”

Japan’s health minister Tamura Norihisa encouraged people to watch the Games at home and to avoid watching the games at sports bars or restaurants that serve alcohol.

Health authorities reported 896 new infections on Thursday, marking the 19th straight day cases have gone up compared to the week before.

It isn’t clear if broadcasters around the world will be due any kind of discount on broadcast rights.

Source: NHK

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  1. … although not on this scale, this is nothing new for the Games … in the first week of competition in Athens the host broadcaster crews were instructed to abandon wide shots as many of the stadia were so empty of spectators … it made it very difficult to shoot baseball !!!

  2. Yer canned cheering and cardboard cut outs of the crowds. Will be the oddest games ever staged with no atmosphere. Got to feel sorry for the athletes.

  3. I’ll watch a few events but I wonder how this will impact the ratings overall,will channel 7 complain to the IOC that this isn’t what they signed up for if ratings aren’t that good.
    And as for the games even going ahead this is what happens when stupid governments sign contacts that basically allow businesses like the IOC to have complete control.

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