Returning: The Bureau of Magical Things

20 part Queensland-produced kids' series has its world premiere on 10 Shake.

Season 2 of The Bureau of Magical Things has its world premiere on 10 Shake this Saturday.

Produced by Jonathan M. Shiff, the 20 part Queensland-produced series screens in double episodes on weekends.

The cast features Kimie Tsukakoshi, Elizabeth Cullen, Mia Milnes, Julian Cullen, Rainbow Wedell, Jamie Carter and Christopher Sommers.

While Kyra and the Bureau continue their studies at Maxwell’s School of Magic, and deal with ongoing magical outbreaks, Kyra and Darra embark on a quest to find the Three Keys to the legendary Temple of the Purple Lotus. Following clues that lead them to the cities and jungles of Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, Kyra, Darra and the Bureau awaken an ancient cobra statue that delivers a cryptic vision. When the vision is deciphered and the final Key is found, Kyra’s Orb Magic brings the Purple Lotus to life and the Bureau is shocked to discover that it is an ancient weapon designed to bring an end to elves and fairies. Kyra and the Bureau must use everything they have learned in a desperate attempt to stop the Purple Lotus, while Kyra discovers her true identity.

Double episodes 2pm Saturday and Sunday on 10 Shake.

Created & Produced by Jonathan M. Shiff
Executive Producers Jonathan M. Shiff Julia Adams
Producer Stuart Wood
Line Producer Wade Savage
Associate Producer Glenn Turner
Directors Evan Clarry Grant Brown Martha Goddard
Script & Story Producer Mark Shirrefs
Director Of Photography Andrew Conder ACS, SOC.

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