The Bureau of Magical Things: trailer

Exclusive: First look at the spellbinding trailer for Season 2 of kid's series from Jonathan M. Shiff Productions.

Australian / NZ Exclusive:

TV Tonight has the spellbinding new trailer for Season 2 of The Bureau of Magical Things.

Presold to Network Ten Australia, Nickelodeon and German Public Broadcaster ZDF, the series from prolific producer Jonathan M. Shiff Productions stars Kimie Tsukakoshi as a teenage girl with magical powers.

Also returning are Elizabeth Cullen, Julian Cullen, Mia Milnes, Rainbow Wedell, Jamie Carter, Arnijka Larcombe-Weate.

They are joined by Miah Madden, Matthew Manahan plus adults Christopher Sommers, Nicholas Bell, Steve Nation, Paul Bishop and Tasneem Roc.

A bumper 20-part series was filmed at Gold Coast and Brisbane locations and JMS Studios in Arundel.

An airdate is yet to be announced.

We first met Kyra in Season 1 – a regular teenage girl who acquired magical powers when she found herself caught in a clash between an elf and a fairy. Kyra discovered a secret world of magic that existed all around her but remained unseen to the mere mortal world.

When we catch up with our heroes in season two, Darra chances upon an old elf on a beach while visiting his father in Thailand. The elf sells Darra a small casket containing an ancient glass sphere that, according to legend, has the magical ability to lead the bearer to the lost ancient Temple of the Purple Lotus – not to mention great power and fame. However, things are rarely as they seem and when Kyra and Darra embark on a quest to find the legendary lost temple, Kyra’s Orb Magic accidentally awakens a dangerous artefact that threatens elf and fairy magic. As the danger escalates, Kyra and her friends in The Bureau must deal with a menace that endangers the entire magical world and brings Kyra’s own identity into question.

The cast is again led by Kimie Tsukakoshi as Kyra and returning for Season 2 are on and off-screen siblings Elizabeth Cullen and Julian Cullen as part of our local elf family, while Mia Milnes and Rainbow Wedell are back as the gorgeous fairies. Jamie Carter and Arnijka Larcombe-Weate return as their human high school friends. In this season we meet some new characters including Tayla (played by Miah Madden), a mysterious fairy with a tough exterior and a secret flair for fine art, and Ben (played by Matthew Manahan), a shy but handsome human boy with amazing musical talents.

The young cast will once more be joined by experienced actors Christopher Sommers, Nicholas Bell, Steve Nation, Paul Bishop as well as the extraordinary Tasneem Roc. Our wonderful team of writers have reunited to again develop a sophisticated teen drama full of even more fun, mystery, emotion, time travel and magic.

Created and Produced by Jonathan M. Shiff, Produced by Stuart Wood and Executive Produced by Jonathan M. Shiff and Julia Adams, Season 2 was directed by Evan Clarry (The Bureau of Magical Things Season 1, Mako Mermaids, Lightning Point and the feature film Blurred), Grant Brown (The Bureau of Magical Things Season 1, Mako Mermaids, Reef Doctors, The Elephant Princess, Harrow, Crownies and Janet King) and the up-an-coming Martha Goddard (Car Pool).

The 20-part series was filmed on Australia’s stunning Gold Coast and Brisbane locations, and in the company’s studio at Arundel. Elaborate sets, including the much-loved Magical Library with its newly discovered Eastern Magic Section, a café set in the hull of an old tugboat moored on the picturesque River City bank, a vast mysterious Bangkok warehouse an eclectic Thai marketplace location and the Temple of the Purple Lotus were all designed and constructed by our Art Department under the supervision of Production Designer, Michael Rumpf. The talented team at tedFX complete the incredible visual effects.

The Bureau of Magical Things Season 2 is supported by principal investment from Screen Queensland, in association with Screen Australia. It is presold to Network Ten Australia, Nickelodeon and German Public Broadcaster ZDF, and is distributed worldwide by ZDF Enterprises. This series is also proudly supported by the City of Gold Coast.

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