Nicole Kidman exempted from Hong Kong quarantine for Amazon series

Headlines surround exemptions for Nicole Kidman filming Expats in Hong Kong.

Nicole Kidman has drawn headlines after being given an exemption from Hong Kong’s strict quarantine rules.

Kidman reportedly flew via private jet earlier this week to film Amazon series Expats, based on a book by author Janice Y.K. Lee, which she is also executive producing.

HK’s Commerce and Economic Development Bureau told local media that Kidman received a quarantine exemption, which would otherwise have been 7 days.

The CEDB which currently only has quarantine exemption schemes for businesspeople working in manufacturing in mainland China.

Hong Kong mandates vaccinated residents and non-residents coming from “high-risk” countries to spend as long as 21 days in hotel quarantine upon arrival, besides a host of other requirements. For those from “low-risk” places such as Australia, that is cut short to seven days plus tests followed by self-monitoring. Chinese University professor David Hui, who also advises the government on its pandemic response, said the Delta variant outbreak in Sydney is worsening and that her being excused could pose a threat to Hong Kong.

Under the rules of the government exemption, crew have to show proof of vaccination, undergo regular COVID-19 testing and provide a trip itinerary.

Source: Bloomberg

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