Puberty Blues, no plans but “bring it on!”

Champing at the bit, producers would be happy if recent rumours led to more Puberty Blues.

EXCLUSIVE: Speculation that Puberty Blues was set for a third season was recently sparked by a TikTok tease by actor Ed Oxenbould who played young David Vickers.

But producer Imogen Banks tells TV Tonight while it fuelled fan love and some conversations, there is nothing confirmed.

However if network honchos were interested, producers are ready and champing at the bit…

“Bring it on. If they want it, we’ll make it,” Banks said.

“That was totally Ed going rogue, but it sparked an incredible round of internet rumours.

“Don’t think that hasn’t been followed up on!”

The 10 series ran for just two seasons with Brenna Harding, Dan Wyllie, Ashleigh Cummings, Claudia Karvan, Rodger Corser, Sean Keenan, Jeremy Lindsay Taylor, Susan Prior and Susie Porter. But it concluded partly due to the creative team becoming in-demand.

“We often talk about the characters and what they’re doing now. So I feel like we’ve been talking about it for five years. We’ve probably plotted the series, just in texts!” Banks continued.

“Everyone was becoming very successful at that point. But everyone was so dedicated to that show, particularly Alice (Bell, writer) and Glendyn (Ivin, director). It was like a sort of love fest. The cast were really dedicated, so we would have absolutely made more.

“We tried several times.”

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