Speculation over next race for Olympics rights

Seven and Nine are rumoured to both be in the hunt for more Games glory.

After the television success of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, both Seven and Nine are believed to be keen to secure future events.

While Seven already has the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, The Australian reports Seven is looking to secure Paris 2024, Milan 2026 and Los Angeles 2028 and crucially, Brisbane 2032.

While timezones for Paris, Milan and Los Angeles will not match Tokyo, Brisbane is the gold medal prize.

“Congratulations to the entire team at Seven West Media for delivering the most remarkable broadcast in the history of sport!” Seven West Media Chairman Kerry Stokes wrote. “Our team of the world’s best presenters and production standards have set a new standard for our Network in the future.

“There were many doubters that the Games would not go ahead, but Japan, the International Olympic Committee and John Coates made the event a great success.”

The AOC chief executive Matt Carroll said, “The AOC could not have been happier with the audience numbers,” Carroll said. “It was clear the athletes and their performances really connected with everyone back home in a profound and personal way.”

Sources tell TV Tonight Nine also has its eyes on Brisbane 2032.

Meanwhile rights for the 2022 Commonwealth Games are yet to be announced, a question TV Tonight also posed to 10’s Beverley McGarvey last week.

“Not that I’m aware of. It’s the Birmingham Games isn’t it?” she asked.

“We will continue to look at all available local and international sports on a tactical basis.”

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  1. I wouldn’t rule Channel 7 out as they may see the Olympics as a natural fit, if Channel 7 did well with the revenue earned this year it will have encouraged them more. Personally, I think that Nine’s joint venture with Stan Sport will make acquiring the 2024 Olympics rights for Nine and Stan’s streaming service potentially very commercially attractive, though whether Stan will introduce some advertising for the first time will be interesting, at any rate Stan will need to increase it’s subscription rate if its sports service continues adding more sports as seems to be the strategy now. I would not be surprised if Stan Sports becomes a separate streaming service at some point in the future like Kayo, then the competition for sports broadcast rights will begin in earnest.

  2. I do think unfortunately that Tokyo might have been our last totally free Olympics – the rights cost too much to simply give them away especially when in unfavourable time zone – look at nz . They had one free to air channel and the rest on pay on sky – I do think seven did a solid effort this year although they just need to be honest what’s live and what’s not . I made great use of 7 plus and liked the international feed commentators and I wouldn’t be opposed to having to pay as long as the quality is there

  3. The Paris rights might not be too bad. Whoever gets it might be pushing for Australian team sports like the Boomers, Opals, Hockeyroos, Kookaburras etc to play morning/early arvo sessions. Midday in Paris is 8pm AEST, so that could work.
    Yes, swimming & athletics finals will likely be at night, but next replays on brekky TV would rate very well.
    Whoever buys them, find a way to create some specific FTA channels available just for those 3 weeks to curate the channels like Foxtel did in 2012. Open up the spectrum to make it happen.
    Whatever happens, if they buy the rights to the Paralympics as well, give it the same treatment as the Olympics. Hopefully 7 will do that in a week or so’s time when it starts in Tokyo.

  4. I thought Seven did a great job of Tokyo despite the hiccups i had with the app at times but that was figuring out what was live and what wasn’t IT was all still there you know? They showed everything once i figured it out. Plus i think if Nine got ahold of it, Stan Sport would indeed get most of it and we would have to pay. I don’t think it would go to 9NOW at all. Look at what they did with Wimbledon and the French Open. All behind a paywall and 10 is doing it with the Soccer and Paramount+. I get it with those sports but it shouldn’t be that way with the Olympics. These are once in 4 year events (usually). Plus i don’t like Nine’s presenters. Just imagine Tony Jones hosting? He’s a bumbling mess. No thanks.

  5. I think Channel 7 did a pretty bad job covering the Tokyo Olympic Games, always chopping & changing the events around on TV and the 7+ App was slow and bad quality, the images wasn’t clear..

    I want channel 9 to get the future Olympic Games, will be much better. And don’t know what some people are saying, I’m pretty sure they will put all the events on the 9Now App for free. They wouldn’t do it for the Olympics, the same way how I’ve watched the NRL & Australian Open Tennis on the 9Now App for free and they do it brilliantly with great quality.!!

      1. What are you on about? That’s why I said the Australian Open was on the 9Now App and will stay on the 9Now App, also just like the NRL Season is on right now and plays on the 9Now App, so it’s pretty obvious the Olympic Games will be played on the 9Now App for free too. They wouldn’t do that to the Olympics, it’s worth too much and too important to do that..

  6. I cannot see how much many people will watch the 2024-28 Games. Because in 2028, LA is 15-17 hours well behind Australia. I Have a feeling that LA Will rate much lower than Paris. This is what happened in Rio 2016 with low ratings.
    The IOC hasn’t finalised which city will host the 2030 Winter Olympics but Vancouver, Sapporo and SLC are the candidates. At the end of the day, it all comes down to scheduling and the TV ratings.
    2032 Brisbane Games will be a Timezone friendly zone and this does make a big difference in Ratings for Australia.

  7. Give it to SBS or the ABC if not Ch 7 but not channel 9. They’d broadcast very very little and put the rest ad-free, in HD on Stan Sport as their sport offering is too limited to keep anyone subscribed to sport entire year.

    Ch. 7 did a great job this year particularly with 7+ showing every event live, free. As it should be.

  8. Despite my reservations about Seven having a monopoly over the biggest sporting events, I am hoping they get the licenses because Nine would certainly put a lot of their Olympics coverage on Stan Sport, and it would be a shame to have that behind a paywall. On top of that, Seven’s TV coverage was very good, and the 7plus experience was great thanks to their continual investment into their service.

  9. … the difference between the Games of the past and the Games of the future is that, while rights costs continue to escalate, the costs of production will keep going down … even the giant NBC had hundreds fewer staff in Tokyo and, while this has been highlighted as a result of COVID, it has in fact been going on for some time … the International Broadcast Centre was over 25% less in size and NBC only had coverage cameras and commentators at around five venues with the other twenty-five just having a mixed-zone camera and called off-tube in Stamford … the BBC had even less of a presence … that takes a huge load off the budget for staff, space, furniture, air travel, shipping, accommodation, meals, etc … and in the end, nobody notices the difference …

  10. I think the Olympics should be on one channel and that 7 did a fantastic job with Tokyo and trying to split it between channels is stupid, and when channel 9 did the London games thought it was a pathetic coverage and they also said they did not want to do any more games as they lost so much money, yet here they are again after the latest success of the Olympics wanting to put their hand up again.

  11. If you look, 2004 (Athens) and 2008 (Beijing) Summer Olympics was shared with SBS, 2010 Winter Olympics (Vancouver) and 2012 Summer Olympics (London) was on Nine and 2014 Winter Olympics (Sochi) on 10. And even though Seven has had the Olympics for a long time except for the ones mentioned, they have almost no (in fact, no) influence on Olympic events as NBC (which had the rights for a long time, and I believe has the rights up to 2032) even dictates when finals are held to coincide with prime time in the United States due to how much money they spent on the Olympics.

    And your idea of not having one network getting exclusive rights is an idea that should be done here in Australia. In Japan, its with a consortium of broadcasters including NHK General TV, Fuji Televison, TBS and TV Asahi among others. But knowing the strong competition here, it may be neigh on impossible here in Australia.

    And with the Commonwealth Games, Nine and Foxtel had the Melbourne Commonwealth Games in…

  12. Calm down. The 7 Network paid for the broadcasting rights so they have the right to brag about their own coverage which I think was absolutely superb for Tokyo.
    I personally would not enjoy it being spread across multiple networks as it would feel incredibly disjointed with all different styles of presenting the one event.

  13. I’d be cautious with any purchase of the next lot of games ,as for the CG if they go ahead I really can’t see anyone picking it up ,like the 2024/2028 games not our time zone so ratings will be no where near the Tokyo games

  14. I for one am sick of ch 7 hogging the Olympics for the last couple of decades & would like to see another network get them. They act as though they own them. When 9 got the London games & they got the next ones they said they were back where they belonged. No 7 they don’t belong to you. I don’t agree with one network getting exclusive rights. I think it should be shared over several channels but that’s not how they do things these days. 7 had the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games & the Sydney Olympics. Let someone else get the Brisbane games.

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