When 7plus reviews itself…

Seven's own review of its streaming service ends with "This article has been supplied by 7plus."

“7plus is a comprehensive and enjoyable experience for discovering, streaming and watching the Olympics.

“It’s live, free and supports High Definition viewing, allowing me to enjoy moments like seeing Owen Wright win the first Olympic medal for surfing for team Australia.

“This article has been supplied by 7plus.”

7plus is such a ‘fanboy’ of its own streaming service that is has ‘reviewed’ itself in an article on 7news.com.au.

The review by writer Em Size is full of praise for Seven’s Olympics streaming channels.

“Watching the Olympics on 7plus.com.au has probably been one of my favourite experiences so far. It really lends itself to the multitasking I do throughout the day – but doesn’t end once I’ve wrapped up with my day job. Having the ability to load multiple windows that allow me to simultaneously stream multiple events has been a godsend, especially with the massive array of sports that are constantly on. I’m definitely feeling spoiled for choice during this Olympics,” she notes.

The review continues with favourable comments on being “easily discoverable within the navigation, Olympic carousels, search, or through browsing the Olympics hub.”

But alas there isn’t any criticism, constructive or otherwise, to be found anywhere in the review.  So that’s 5 out of 5 gold rings, I guess?

Based on my limited experience of Olympics on 7Plus it was easily an improvement on previous Games offerings, and it was good to see some events in HD when they were SD in broadcast.

Readers have given it a more mixed review:

“I wonder how many more are watching through the 7plus app. In my opinion this has made this years olympics so much more enjoyable, being able to watch your favourite sports when you want to watch them or in full without disruption. I’m also very curious to know what sports are rating within the app.” -4onTV

“I have been finding the coverage of the Olympics looking like SD quality to me. It was only on the 7plus App that it actually looked like HD. I tuned in to have a curiosity look at “The Chase” yesterday and was disappointed to see the Olympics going over time. So I put on Eddie instead and ended up watching the Channel 9 news too. Now that 7 has the Olympics and Brisbane has the 2032 Olympics that is all that Channel 7 news can talk about so for a more informed picture that isn’t sport another network for me.” -Darwinite

“TV coverage has been fine son far. It would be good if their app was working properly. Lots of small little issues… it’s not that easy to navigate. Massive timing problems. And the turnaround of replays are not that great. Feel like they needed to build a seperate app and move it from the 7plus app.” -thesportsfreak

“Good job 7 for this, but your 7+ coverage is sensational and gets our eyes. Streaming in HD and with the international commentary, you are not subjected to a very biased call and get a balanced opinion of the sports. Try it, it makes a difference. You also get to see every heat of the swimming, not the selected ones 7 choose to show and the big one – there are no ad break every 10 minutes…” -sf1965.

“Yes, indeed – with the swimming you see all races, not just the ones Aussies and high profile swimmers are in, and no ads during the session. You miss out on all the interviews, but those you see replayed over and over later in the day or in the news.” -andrewb

How do you rate the 7plus app?

How do you rate Seven's Olympic coverage?

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  1. There is a huge difference between the 7+ app on the iPhone/iPad (its well done!) and the Apple TV version (its trash, buggy) I end up streaming the iPad app to the TV. Just shows where they put their focus on. Hopefully, they will fix it for the Paralympics (doubt it!)

  2. The app itself is shocking on my phone and tablet – difficult to work out what’s on as the times seem to be in no particular order and often don’t match what’s actually on screen. But much better on my laptop where it is more logical.
    The end result however, has made this by far the best Olympic viewing ever for me ( we are new to streaming).

  3. 7+ on my phone is perfect and very easy to use, but on my TV it is horrible. Shame I can’t stream easily from the phone to TV (yes I know I can fix that, but money is short when you work in the events industry during a lock down!).

  4. The thing I’ve liked the most about 7plus is the minis, meaning after coming home from work each day I can catch up on everything that’s happened – for example, 20 minutes of the women’s hockey game, 20 minutes of all the swimming or athletics events that day etc.

  5. I haven’t watched the Olympics on 7 plus but I’ve had all sorts of problems with it when I tried to watch a show a while back. I had to log in but when I clicked on the log in button it just took me back to the main page. After a few tries going round & round in circles I gave up. Had no problem with 9Now though.

  6. The HD steams of the broadcast channels are superb, however the app exclusive individual event streams have been notoriously difficult to navigate (along the lines of what people have have saying), although they work fantastically once you’re in one of them. Seamless casting to a bigger screen too. If I was to score, 7/10 minimum, seems more than reasonable.

  7. Look, its been ok but its a bit hard to navigate at times, especially knowing whats Live and whats not. On Apple TV for example it comes up with Live feeds but they haven’t started yet. So it was a bit confusing. Then there was times once you clicked. I’d give it 6/10 but in saying this, the fact its free and all sports are live, once you figure it out, its great and i’m not complaining. Having choice is awesome. The best thing was having access to Nicole Livingstone when the Swimming was happening. The Olympic feed so much better than Basil and co. One thing i have noticed too for some reason too they have a “live” big brother feed too along with a few for other shows, it was basically a channel dedicated to the replay of the current series.

    However rating all 3 commercial networks, 7 is ahead of 10 then 9. ABC and SBS though are ahead of them all.

  8. I have been giving the 7+ app a good workout but with my scores it missed out on the medals, with a few improvements it may have got the Bronze. I guess opinions on the Olympic broadcast will depend on preferences, personally I like watching a diversity of events not just those featuring Australia so the 7+ app did that part reasonably well. The cons using this 7+ Olympic app was the lack of live event times, perhaps a countdown clock and a separate event guide with the live broadcast times would have been helpful to compliment the streamed events shown. Really bad in my opinion was the poor advert intrusions which just cut in without warning on more than one occasion.

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