AFL confirms primetime grand final for east coast viewers

First bounce is locked in for 5.15pm local time in Perth, which is 7.15pm AEST.

As expected, the AFL has confirmed a twilight start for the Grand Final in the west.

First bounce is locked in for 5.15pm local time which is 7.15pm AEST, 15 minutes earlier than last year’s start time.

The clash will finish at approximately the same time as the 2020 decider held at the Gabba.

“The 5:15pm AWST / 7:15pm AEST start time aims to provide fans at the game with the ultimate Grand Final experience by maximising the stadium’s offering while taking into consideration the broadcast audience across the country,” the AFL’s general manager of clubs and broadcasting Travis Auld said.

“The AFL, together with the Seven Network, remain cognisant of finishing the match at a suitable time for younger footy fans and, as a result, landed on a timeslot that is earlier than the usual start time for night matches during the season and last year’s Grand Final.

“Historically, a really special part of Grand Final day is the build-up and anticipation, and we want to ensure we can share the excitement and atmosphere with the millions watching across the nation and around the world.”

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  1. Oh dear AFL fans. It looks like you have lost your Saturday afternoon grand final the same way NRL fans did over 20 years ago. Channel 9 forced the NRL to hold the NRL grand final on Sunday night so they could charge more for the limited advertising during the game. Channel 7 refused to do the same with the AFL grand final, but now it seems that a night-time grand final has been sneaked in through the back door. I would suggest that after seven looks at all the extra moolah that has been gained, they won’t go back to an afternoon grand final.

  2. its to late for kids they worked it out on afl 360 by time the games over and they hand over the cup it will be 11pm !!!!! they could have started it over in the west at 3 then 6 hear very dissapointing to expect kids to stay up that late its bad enough having it in another state

  3. Hopefully this will be the last of the Night Grand Finals.

    The fans voted in overwhelming numbers with support of a traditional afternoon game.

    Typical Greedy AFL and 7 trying to line their pockets

  4. “landed on a timeslot that is earlier than the usual start time for night matches ”
    Saturday night games normally start at 7:25pm. The GF will start at 7:15pm.
    So the best the AFL can do is to start 10 minutes earlier than a normal night game. The overwhelming majority of fans want the GF to be played in the afternoon.
    Greedy AFL, as usual.

  5. Given that the NRL PReliminary Final and the RU Test match between AUS-ARG is scheduled to be played on the AFL GF day, I wonder if either the NRL or RU be moved to a daytime slot so that it won’t clash with the AFL during the night.

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