Airdate: Madame X

Madonna concert was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal, in January 2020.

Madonna’s Madame X concert will screen on Paramount+ in early October.

This show was filmed in Lisbon, Portugal, in January 2020.

“Sharing my vision with global audiences has been profoundly meaningful to me. The opportunity to bring its message and the incandescent artistry of all involved to an even wider audience comes at a time when music is so deeply needed to remind us of the sacred bond of our shared humanity,” Madonna said in a statement.

In an unprecedented intimate streaming experience, the compelling film will showcase the exceptional performance from the pop icon in her awe-inspiring sold out tour show.

The new music experience will take viewers on a journey through Madonna’s daring persona Madame X, a secret agent traveling around the world, changing identities, fighting for freedom, and bringing light to dark places.

Filmed in Lisbon, Portugal, the 2 hour film will celebrate music from the seven-time Grammy Award winner’s fourteenth studio album of the same name, alongside previous hits and fan favourites in this celebration of exceptional artistry and performance.

Updated: Sunday 9 October On Paramount+.

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  1. I was lucky enough to attend this in New York (front row) – it has to be seen to be believed! An absolute masterpiece and I really can’t wait to see it again! Like David, I had a backstage tour (not for Rebel Heart – for Madame X) – unbelievably cool!

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