Australian Survivor finale v The Voice finale

10 makes a surprising programming switcheroo....

In a surprising programming move 10 has pitted Australian Survivor’s finale against The Voice finale on Sunday September 12.

Originally due to wrap next Tuesday, a network amendment now sees The Project Presents 9/11: 20 Years On at 7:30pm in its place.

10 will now screen Survivor at 7:30pm Sunday September 12, although Seven’s Voice finale gets the jump at 7pm.

Tuesday Sept 7
7:30pm The Project Presents 9/11: 20 Years On special
8:30pm The Cheap Seats
9:25pm The Montreal Comedy Festival rpt

Sunday Sept 12
7:30pm Australian Survivor final
9:15pm FBI final

Monday Sept 13
7:30pm The Masked Singer premiere

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  1. Is next week a non rating week? The Block is the only show still running with The Voice and Survivor (and Wentworth if its not a foxtel epg glitch) taking a breather. This kind of makes no sense…

  2. I’m really surprised by this move from ten, although I can see why they have done it.

    Whilst it would of rated higher on the Tuesday without competition from the voice, it has (all season) managed to hold up on the key demos against strong competition – this is all that matters at the end of the day.

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