Back to Nature: Sept 21

Holly & Aaron glide alongside the sandstone cliffs on the Hawkesbury River.

This week on Back to Nature, Holly & Aaron visit the Hawkesbury River exploring the waters and banks of Dyarubbi (Hawkesbury River).

As they glide alongside the sandstone cliffs, they find rock art made with red ochre.

On the south bank of Dyarubbin, Aaron and Holly visit Upper Gledhill Falls. Holly swims in the wild swimming hole, while Aaron wanders off to sketch trees.

In Muogamarra Nature Reserve, we observe the bark of a Scribbly Gum. Holly shares how moths burrow into the bark, creating the tree’s signature scribbles.

We meet local writer Georgina Reid, who shares with Aaron and Holly her poetry, and the gifts that we can give nature: our presence, our attention, and our care that underpins it.

We cross Dyarubbin to Devine’s Hill in Dharug National Park. This walking track is part of the Great North Road, built by convicts between 1826 and 1836. At the time, the road was considered a great feat of engineering. But for First Nations People, it was a scar cut through country.

Aaron and Holly arrive at Bulgandry Aboriginal Art Site, where we are welcomed to Darkinjung country by Gavi Duncan, an artist and Gomeroi man. He shows Aaron and Holly a carving of the creation being, Baiame.

Gavi leads us to a cave called Warre Warren, whose walls are covered with hand stencils. This was once a permanent camp, and ceremonial place. Gavi says the Old People are still here today, sitting, and listening to us.

8pm tonight on ABC.

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