Gardening Australia: Sept 3

It's a Spring Special this week, with best tips to get a head start and guest presenter Hannah Moloney.

Costa and the team present a Gardening Australia Spring Special this week on ABC.

This week, Jane dives into the most eye-catching of ornamentals, climbing clematis and learns how to grow them from some dedicated specialists.

Millie sets up the garden for a successful and productive spring, taking us through her best tips to get a head start.

Josh swings into a jaw-dropping indoor plant jungle and meets the committed plant collector behind it.

Jerry gets the scoop on what makes a top-quality potting mix and follows the factory production process from start to finish, and Tino visits a market gardener and finds out how she supplies some of Hobart’s top restaurants.

In My Garden Path, we meet passionate plant collector and nursery owner Lyle Filippe, who has travelled the world in search of special plants.

Guest Presenter Hannah Moloney designs a mess-free feeder for her ducks, Sophie Thomson takes advantage of self-seeding plants, and we find out how to propagate a monstera.

Production credits: Executive Producer, Gill Lomas.

7:30pm Friday on ABC.

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