Gardening Australia: Feb 9

This week Costa plans to landscape; Millie sees how flowers change lives; and we meet a soldier who has become a social media star.

This week on Gardening Australia.

Moth Management (Hobart, Tas) Hannah Moloney
Hannah shares her tips to help protect your precious apple crop from codling moth.

Look Before You Leap (Gadigal & Bidjigal Country; Bronte, NSW) Costa Georgiadis
Costa shows how to undertake a simple site analysis before you jump into landscaping at your place, paying attention to elements such as sun and wind exposure.

Bunch of Goodness (Wurundjeri Woi Wurrung Country; Fitzroy North, Vic) Millie Ross
Millie meets some trainee florists who are using their new skills to help them settle into Australian life.

Hangers On (Whadjuk Country; Pickering Brook, WA) Josh Byrne
Josh treks into the bush to marvel at Pilostyles, a tiny parasitic plant that lives inside a specific WA native plant.

Flora Fables (Peramangk Country; Nairne, SA) Sophie Thomson
Sophie learns from a gardener who is fascinated with the history and mythology associated with certain plants.

My Garden Path (Kabi Kabi Country; Bellmere, QLD)
We meet Mark Valencia, aka ‘Self Sufficient Me’, a retired soldier who has turned his passion for growing his own produce into a social media sensation.

Tips & Tricks:
Sophie shares her favourite rosemary;Jerry revitalises old potting mix; Jane introduces giant rhubarb and propagates galangal; Clarence covers the difference between organic and inorganic mulch; Tammy highlights a few indoors plants that are safe for your precious pets.

7:30pm Friday on ABC.

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