Airdate: Gardening Australia Junior

Costa Georgiadis is joined by familiar faces and junior gardeners in a new bite-size series to screen in September.

Have you always wanted to make a compost cauldron? A bee hotel? A rainbow veggie patch?

Hosted by Costa Georgiadis, ABC Kids’ Gardening Australia Junior will guide kids and their families through the wonderous world of gardening. From the luxurious open country to the smallest balcony gardens, wherever something grows, the series will be packed with gardening tips, tricks and activities that all kids will dig.

Costa is joined by familiar Gardening Australia faces – Tammy Huynh, Clarence Slockee and Hannah Moloney, alongside keen junior gardeners who tackle a new backyard gardening project each week.

Across 20 episodes, Costa and team inspire families around Australia to roll up their sleeves, with a First Nation voice across the series through a collaboration with Aboriginal-led horticultural organisation Wildflower, and Cudgenburra/Bunjalung man Clarence Slockee. Clarence leads the young green thumbs in a Native Garden segment.

Original music is composed by Lachlan Nicholson, led by music consultant Joff Bush (Bluey).

Production Credit: Gardening Australia Junior is an ABC Originals Children’s Program, developed and created by the award-winning ABC Children’s Department and acts as a spinoff series from ABC Originals production Gardening Australia. Director: Kimberly Melville. Producers: Kimberly Melville, Prasan De Silva. Series Producer: Bryson Hall. Supervising Producer: Natalie Robinson-Hurst. Commissioning Editor: Nicole Cheek.

7.05pm Friday 8 September on ABC Kids.

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