New Piers Morgan show to screen on SKY News

Piers Morgan has signed a global deal with FOX News and News Corp. for a daily show in the U.K., U.S. and Australia.

Controversial British presenter Piers Morgan has signed a global deal with Murdoch-owned FOX News and News Corp. for a daily TV show that will air weeknights in the U.K., U.S. and Australia.

The show will air on Fox Nation in the U.S., talkTV in the U.K. and SKY News Australia.

“I’m thrilled to be returning to News Corp, which is where I began my media career more than 30 years ago,” Morgan said. “Rupert Murdoch has been a constant and fearless champion of free speech and we are going to be building something new and very exciting together. I want my global show to be a fearless forum for lively debate and agenda-setting interviews, and a place that celebrates the right of everyone to have an opinion, and for those opinions to be vigorously examined and challenged.”

He will also be a columnist for The Sun and the New York Post.

SKY News Australia CEO Paul Whittaker added, “Piers is fearless. Piers doesn’t back down whether taking on a President, Prime Minister or even members of the Royal family.

“He is a traditionalist imbued with common sense, intelligence and a knack for getting to the heart of a thorny issue. We are delighted he will be joining the SKY News Australia line-up from early next year.”

Source: Variety, news.com.au

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  1. Recently ditched Foxtel because of Murdoch media BS. SkyNews is Murdoch’s version of FoxNews from USA. Should be avoided at all costs.

    It’s content is putrid.

    Also saving a lot of $$ after jettisoning Foxtel 🙂

  2. The rabid fans of Sky After Dark will need drool guards for this new offering..

    Will be interesting where they schedule him in their lineup

    6pm Credlin
    7pm Bolt
    8pm Jones
    9pm Paul M

    I’m thinking they may lose Bolt or Jones…bolt was thinking of hanging it up towards end of 2020?

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