Question Everything: Sept 15

Guests: Alexei Toliopoulos, Alice Fraser, Aaron Chen.

Guests this week on Question Everything are Alexei Toliopoulos, Alice Fraser, Aaron Chen.

How a vaccination campaign hit a dissonant note. How new is that new world order? Are celebs scamming you? Wil and Jan are joined by Alexei Toliopoulos, Alice Fraser, Aaron Chen and a bunch of celebs, unless that’s a scam.

8:30pm Wednesday on ABC.

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  1. Watched ‘Question Everything’ Wednesday. For my sins I sat through the whole train wreck. I’ll never get that hour back. Wil Anderson and Jan Fran valiantly tried to hold it together but were let down by ‘lame’ guests. Anderson is deserving of a better vehicle for his talents, as witnessed by his brilliant wise cracking hosting of Gruen. Instead of a researched investigation of a real and serious issue, it was like being at an undergrad weed party where the guests just inanely giggle. Some of my ‘favourite’ moments were one female guest dissed AstraZeneca vaccine (this is a show supposedly shining a light on conspiracy theories and here’s one being amplified!) Another guest went on an odd rant about Denver Airport not really existing?  Yet another guest went on a strange riff about The New World Order being a supermarket in New Zealand? WTF? And who’s doing the laughing?  The crew?  It was mostly just embarrassing and cringeworthy.  Even Wils zingers bombed. Needs…

  2. We’ve given a couple of these a go, but not sure we will bother continuing. The concept is good – Gruen, but looking behind current affairs instead of advertising. Unfortunately, the panel (outside of Wil & Jan) has been letting them down significantly each week. Scrap the unfunny, uninformed comedians & get another high quality team member (Annabel Crabb comes to mind) and they might have a show.

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