Airdate: Help

UK film starring Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham screens in Oz well in advance of the USA.

UK feature film Help, starring Jodie Comer and Stephen Graham, premieres this Saturday on Paramount+.

Written by Jack Thorne (His Dark Materials, Enola Holmes) it screens well in advance of its US debut in 2022.

When Sarah starts a job in a nursing home, to her surprise she is really good at it. She’s a natural with the residents, and begins to form a special bond with Tony, a younger resident who has early onset dementia. The home is chronically underfunded and when the Covid pandemic hits, it
suffers from understaffing, sickness and heartbreaking losses.

Seemingly forgotten by the system built to protect it, a feeling of helplessness engulfs Sarah as one by one the residents fall fatally ill. Her fears turn to Tony. Unable to bear the thought of losing him too, she sneaks him out of the building.

If she can hide him for long enough and prove he isn’t sick, he might stand a chance of being moved out. Whatever happens, the home is no longer safe, he cannot go back there.

Saturday, 16 October on Paramount+.

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