Have You Been Paying Attention?: Oct 18

Guests: Tim McDonald, Kitty Flanagan, Lloyd Langford, Alex Ward.

On Monday’s Have You Been Paying Attention? guests are Tim McDonald, Kitty Flanagan, Lloyd Langford, Alex Ward, and regular Sam Pang.

You can safely rely on this motley crew to nut through an hour of content that is unlikely to inform, but guaranteed to leave you hanging for more.

Join us on the hunt for a correct answer with Quizmaster Tom Gleisner, who will be in position to navigate the fresh stings from our unruly quintet.

Monday, 18 October at 8.30pm on 10.

5 Responses

    1. Bit harsh! I think Ed works well as a counterpoint to Sam, and he keeps the game moving along when everyone else has either run out of jokes or don’t know the answer, but because of that he tends to win too often.

    2. Although I enjoy the banter between him, Sam and Tom, I tend to agree. Haven’t really found Ed funny ever since his appearance on Amazon’s Last One Laughing. Would rather someone funnier fill the seat if possible.

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