When Stephen Curry meets an ‘intimacy buffer’

Stephen Curry had probably seen it all on set, until he encountered the sex scenes on Spreadsheet.

Actor Stephen Curry has been working for 4 decades and you’d think might have seen it all.

Yet the way TV is made keeps changing. For starters new comedy series Spreadsheet has been produced for streaming service Paramount+.

But workplace changes were also new to him, with intimacy co-ordinator Eve Morey advising on filming sex scenes.

“This was the first time I’ve ever used an ‘intimacy buffer,” he tells TV Tonight.

“It’s a cushion and it sits between the two people as they’re simulating sex.

“It’s a whole new world. The buffer ends up flying off and disappearing and then you have to go and try and find the buffer! It feels to me like it slows things down considerably. I don’t think they sell them as that at Target!” he quips.

But Curry, who is known for his comedic and dramatic performances, also sees the serious side to new intimacy rules.

“It means that everyone’s safe in the workplace, regardless of what the scene requires”

“I think it’s very worthwhile, because it means that everyone’s safe in the workplace, regardless of what the scene requires. I think that’s a really important thing. But also, you now choreograph anything intimate like a dance. Usually you’d go into a scene, they roll and you try and keep your face so the cameraman can see you and just go for it,” he continues.

“Now you basically choreograph every single intimate move, before you actually get into doing the scene.

“It does take longer, but no-one ends up in a situation that they don’t feel comfortable in.”

Spreadsheet stars UK actress Katherine Parkinson (The IT Crowd, Doc Martin), as Lauren, a divorced, mother-of-two looking for sex without commitment. She develops a database of sex options, customised to ensure variety and order in her life.

“I think I might be professionally in love with her”

“I’ve always loved her from afar and now I’ve met her I think I might be professionally in love with her. Professionally! When I was reading it, I was laughing ridiculously throughout every single page. A big laugh, so that’s usually a good sign,” says Curry.

“My character Matt is her next door neighbour / babysitter / man she shouldn’t be sleeping with but accidentally does.

“It’s a story of sexual misadventure really. Lauren has been married for a long time but finds herself single and has some gloriously unattached and unemotional fun. But of course things don’t work out like that do they?

“She’s probably got every character from Sex and The City in her”

“It owes a lot probably to Sex and The City and a lot of shows which allowed women to reclaim various kinds of power. She’s getting to know herself again and kind of reclaim her sexuality. She’s probably got every character from Sex and The City in her, I reckon.

“She can be Samantha when she wants to be but she’s got Carrie, Miranda… all 4 wrapped into 1.”

He dryly adds, “She’s actually helping him settled a divorce and accidentally falling into bed with him. But Matt is as handsome as I am… so she’s only human.”

The 8 part series also features Robbie Magasiva, Rowan Witt, Katrina Milosevic, Ryan Shelton, Zahra Newman, Kerry Armstrong and Richard Piper.

Given the series is about sexual misadventures, does Curry have any of his own to share?

“I was raised Catholic. I’ve only had sex twice and I’ve got two kids. That’s my answer!

“Look I’ve disappointed so many women it’s not funny,” he adds.

“But good luck to all of them. Let’s hope they’re reading this, because this is my apology to all of them!”

Spreadsheet screens today on Paramount+.

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  1. I honestly don’t get the increasing pushing of sex scenes and nudity in TV. It almost never actually adds anything. It’s not great for the actors to have to do this. We all have access to porn on our phones if we want titilation. This can’t compete, what’s the point besides making actors and actresses do this?

    One day you read an article about how awful it is for an actress to be pressured to do a nude scene. The next you read an article about how great it is that an actress demands her male costar also does full frontal nudity. The next about how great it is there are intimacy coordinators.
    What on earth was going on before?

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