Airdate: Inside the Mind of Freddie Mercury

Updated: Psychiatrist Dr Bob Johnson paints a picture of the private life of Queen legend.

UK doco series Inside the Mind of Freddie Mercury will screen next week on Nine.

It features the views of psychiatrist, Dr Bob Johnson -although it isn’t clear if he ever met the Queen singer.

Inside the Mind also has a Michael Jackson episode but that’s yet to be confirmed for the schedule.

Here is the producer’s synopsis….

In this series renowned psychiatrist, Dr Bob Johnson, will explore the incredibly complex and unusual lives of Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson. He’ll reveal the forces and experiences that shaped their unique personalities – from childhood traumas and family life to relationships and their music careers, this will be a complete picture of the private men behind the public masks.

Theatrical yet shy, excessive yet humble, exalted yet doomed – there has never been a frontman like Freddie Mercury; his hedonistic lifestyle captivated the press whilst his creative genius saw him top the charts with hit record after hit record. But hiding behind his carefully crafted public persona was a tumultuous inner life that few got to see.

Now, in this fascinating programme, acclaimed psychiatrist Dr Bob Johnson, combined with contributions from those who knew Freddie Mercury the best, will try to uncover the disparity between what people think they know about Freddie and who he really was. Secretive to the very end, we will build a psychological picture of the man who started life as Farrokh Bulsara, but ended it as Freddie Mercury.

9:30pm Thursday December 9 on Nine.

Update: now out of schedule replaced by Botched.

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