“Not ruling it out”: Holey Moley return depends on internationals

Seven would be keen to revisit mini golf contest but it depends on the set being used by international shoots.

Holey Moley was not on Seven’s Upfronts list for 2022, but the network has not yet ruled out a return, if international productions can also shoot on the same Brisbane mini-golf course.

“We are still waiting,” Angus Ross, Head of Network Programming, recently told TV Tonight. 

“It comes down to other countries coming into Australia to shoot, to make it affordable for us to be able to revisit it. So I’m not ruling it out. I’d love to get a bunch of new holes and do a bunch of episodes -probably not as many as before.”

While the series launched huge for Seven at 1.01m it dropped away quickly to average 639,000 metro viewers.

“That is not an inexpensive show, let me put it that way. So we need to come in on the back of some internationals to make it viable for us to look at again, but we’d like to,” said Ross.

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