Bumped: La Fortuna

The first Bumped post for 2022 goes to ... SBS.

The first Bumped post for 2022 goes to … SBS (didn’t see that coming).

Spanish drama La Fortuna has been to a later slot from this Thursday. It recently debuted to 38,000 viewers.

Thursday’s schedule is now as follows…

9:35pm Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve rpt
10.45pm SBS World News Late
11.15pm La Fortuna
12.10am Gomorrah

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  1. La Fortuna is an excellent addition to the SBS on Demand collection so regular SBS viewers will probably have seen it. I note that La Fortuna will debut on AMC Networks in the USA soon, making this show another example of how efficient the SBS have been acquiring new release content in 2021.

  2. Shame as I have seen the first few episodes on On Demand but because my internet service is poor I started watching it on free to air. I like the show and most people that have seen it like it but again it is not every ones cup of tea

  3. Agree that it’s disappointing. The first couple of episodes have been … good not great, but I’m keen for more. Guess I’ll be setting the PVR then.

    Side note David, is there any word/decision on when SBS will air S3 of “The Crimson Rivers”? I presume it will follow the currently being broadcast S2 fairly quickly. It’s been out on … other platforms for nearly a year.

  4. That’s such a shame. This show was excellent. It was added to SBS On Demand a couple of months ago which is how I watched it. Maybe everyone has already seen it there. If not, give it a view. It was really good.

      1. This did receive a fair amount of promotion on SBS-I was rather surprised to see the much promoted ‘Why Women Kill’ 1950s edition be relegated to double eps on a Saturday night (partially replacing 4th time repeats of ‘X Files’!).

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