Oops. Golden Globes forgets about a love of Television.

Rebuilding will take a lot longer if you only acknowledge half the room...

As of their stripped-back, private event yesterday at the 2022 Golden Globe Awards, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association were at pains to show they are rebuilding from within.

But this tweet quoting HFPA President Helen Hoehne only managed to acknowledge half the room… all those in Film.

Sorry to all the talented TV folk….

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  1. The point of the Golden Globes, apart from the piss-up, was to give the critics alternative picks of their best films and performances before the Oscars betting market settled. I don’t think that the fact that they gave all awards to Succession or Hacks is really of much interest as everybody watches different TV series now. It appears they understand that if you want to watch awards for SVOD TV, you watch the Emmy’s.

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