Will Smith apologises: “I was out of line. … no place for violence.”

Winner of Best Actor award has made a public statement following his outburst at the Oscars.

Will Smith has apologised following his outburst at the Academy Awards yesterday.

“Jokes at my expense are a part of the job, but a joke about Jada’s medical condition was too much for me to bear and I react emotionally,” said Smith in an online post.

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  1. By the way , who actually wrote the ( pretty weak ) joke that caused all the trouble ? I’m pretty sure there would have been a team of joke writers working on Chris Rock’s material, I wonder who will actually own up to it?
    Plus it would be great to work out how many times Ricky Gervais would have been attacked on stage during his infamous Golden Globes effort a few years back – I think his jokes ( which were very funny and very cutting ) were far tougher than the one that landed at the Oscars …imagine if Mel Gibson decided to go all Mad Max on the night …

  2. I can’t get past the fact he was laughing at the joke initially until he saw the look on Jada’s face. I can’t help but wonder if none of this would have happened had she been smiling or laughing as well.

  3. Instead of resorting to violence Will Smith should have walked out of the room. He doesn’t deserve the award. Radio stations should stop playing his music and TV no longer air movies starring him. I’ve never found Chris Rock funny.

  4. Very appropriate, articulate and delivered almost immediately. I thought he was already feeling embarrassed and regretful when he gave his acceptance speech. It is right that he apologise for slapping Chris Rock.
    Chris Rock has remained silent thus far and also needs to answer for the very personal joke he made. Where is his apology? We can’t forget his dreadfully placed joke in all of this.

  5. It doesn’t matter. The grossness of him not being removed from the building and stripped of his nomination during the show can’t be undone. His being greeted with applause and an award after his behaviour can’t be undone. Him going out and partying the night away can’t be undone.

    This is just another example of how toxic this industry and the people in it are.

    It should be a long road back from this, because the failures extend far beyond Smith’s hand with this incident.

  6. It’s a start, but not enough. AMPAS should take action. He should have been removed from the room directly after that incident in the next break. Oscar or no Oscar. Giving that protracted piece of rationalised rubbish added insult to injury. Uma and co could have accepted on his behalf as it occurs when a winner is in absentia.

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