Producers in talks over FBoy Island

Can three female protagonists pick the FBoys out of a group of guys?

A f***boy is that guy … the one who doesn’t respect women, but relies on them heavily.
He’s distant, doesn’t care about other people’s time, and won’t commit.
He’s self-absorbed, does stupid things, and f***s with others’ emotions. –

EXCLUSIVE: Is FBoy Island the next dating reality show to hit screens in Australia?

Not just yet, but if Warner Bros. Australia  have their way it will be, with producers in discussion with local networks.

Caroline Swift, Warner Bros. Australia Head of Entertainment tells TV Tonight, “We’re shopping around FBoy Island, which is brilliant. It’s HBO Max’s highest rated non-scripted launch in the last five years. Its central premise is ‘Can three female protagonists pick the FBoys out of a group of guys?’ Basically weed them out.

“It’s as much a guessing game as it is a search for a genuine non-FBoy to fall in love with. It’s great.”

Watch this space…

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  1. It’s just debuted in the UK. Ultimately they’re making a show about something they’re not even letting themselves say. At the very least own it. One of my pet hates is phrases like the “F-bomb” – more offensive than the word itself IMO. Just grow up.

    Also although the tongue is firmly in cheek you just know if it was reversed it would firstly never be commissioned, and secondly the so called F-Girls wouldn’t just be passed off as players having a good time but be judged much harsher for their behaviour.

  2. Having never heard this term before, Fboy sounds quite degrading (I am not condoning their attitude and treatment of women), but in the interest of society trying to be more respectful to all genders and non binary people, I am not sure if this show will help. It does seem like car crash television, men trying to be nice to win cash while others are genuinely looking for love (why do they always think this will work on a reality television show?!?).

  3. Please no more dating/marriage shows there’s too many (mafs, the bachelor,) the list goes on I don’t know why they’re making so much of them and I don’t know how they’re popular (drama maybe)

  4. oh. gosh. I’m conflicted. As a decent, intelligent humam being I hate this. But, as a red-blooded gay man, I kinda love it (for obvious reasons).

    1. yeah, but as attractive as they may look, the personality is also important. Arrogance is not attractive, but i see your point about the eye candy 😉

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